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Another questioning header, just like on this page. As with this page, I have added a couple more question marks so that everybody can see that I am asking a question. IN MY OPINION, I really don't think I need the question marks at all, as I have proof of what I am saying below. As I would find pages and list them on this page, they were quickly taken down, so I have had to list pages from the Internet Archive.




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Note: The page listed below is not from my website, it is from another Traffic Power customer.

Update 6/21/04: Traffic Power changed the page I listed on 6/10, but the Internet Archive has copies which can be seen HERE (the page that was this was allegedly plagiarized from is HERE, and a copy of the WHOIS for Traffic Power's page can be found HERE). The allegedly stolen material is on the right in the pink box. I'm not going to list any more allegedly stolen pages on this site, instead I am contacting the companies who are unknowingly listed on the pages, and the companies who are having their pages allegedly stolen.

Note: When I first started this page, I had several examples that were taken down within a day or so of my listing them. To the best of my knowledge, there are no longer plagiarized pages on Traffic Power sites, though I haven't gone out and searched for any in quite some time.