IN MY OPINION, Traffic Power Sucks!

Thank you to Aaron Wall and SEOBook!

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Soon after I posted this website, I started to receive "thank you" emails from people telling me that I had saved them x amount of dollars with the information I posted. For a while, I was posting the total amount, but it's been so long since I updated, I have no idea what the total might be at this time. The main reason for this page (actually for the whole website) was to try to get Traffic Power to refund me the money I paid for, IN MY OPINION, bad service. Unfortunately for me, that never happened.




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Money Saved So Far: $?????????!

Honestly, it's been so long since I updated this page, I have no idea any more, and really don't have the time to go through several thousand emails to figure it out!

Thanks to this site, several companies have been spared the ordeal I went through with Traffic-Power, and I will keep a running total at the top of this page. If I have saved your company from Traffic-Power, please email me at so I can add your savings to the total.