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See that thing up there? It's a question mark. The header below used to only have one, I added a couple more for emphasis. It means I am asking a question. When I started receiving emails from Traffic Power customers saying that Traffic Power wanted them to take all of the Traffic Power created content off of their sites, I wondered why they would do that. My OPINION at the time was that Traffic Power was aware of the Google bannings, and they were trying to put an end to them. I also used my imagination, and tried to foresee what might happen in the future with the new way Traffic Power was doing things. As I did not know if this would actually happen or not, I phrased the header as a question.




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A New Scam???

Note: The following is my opinion only, but it is based on research and personal experience.

OK, so Google bans Traffic Power customers, and the very next week Traffic Power sends their customers an email. Of course they do not say anything about the Google ban, they tell their customers that they are doing things a new way, and the customers have to take all of the Traffic Power code off of their web pages. Traffic Power claims that they are going to have all of the websites on their own server from now on, nothing on their customer's web sites. I have received numerous emails from Traffic Power customers claiming that this is exactly what happened to them. These emails are in my possession, and can be traced to show that they are legitimate.

Here's the problem, shown as a possible scenario: Say Joe starts a small online shoe store, and hires Traffic Power to create some websites for him. Traffic Power charges him (for the sake of argument, I'll say $3000.00) and creates 3 new sites all about shoes. Joe has no access to these sites, they are all maintained by Traffic Power on their own server. A couple of months later, these new websites hit the search engines, and maybe Joe starts getting more hits. A year later, for whatever reason, Joe decides not to renew his contract with Traffic Power. End of story? Not quite.

The next day, Traffic Power starts cold calling online shoe stores, and they sign up Mary, who also sells shoes online. They charge Mary $3000.00 for the creation of 3 sites they will keep on their server. The thing is, they don't have to create 3 new sites... Joe already paid for that last year. All they have to do is change the URL's that these already listed pages point to, and Mary starts getting hits the next day.

There are several problems here. Joe has paid $3000.00 to ultimately help his own competition. And Mary has paid $3000.00 for work that was already done for someone else. The next year, Mary will have to stay with Traffic Power, or the pages will go to yet another shoe site, one of her competitors. Who wins? Traffic Power.

Again, this is just my opinion, though I have seen other companies do the exact same thing. If this scenario turns out to be true, it will be a year from now before this starts happening to today's Traffic Power customers, I'm guessing we will be hearing from a whole new set of customers who feels that they did not receive all that they were promised if it happens.