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When I received an anonymous email with the links listed below, I found it hard to believe that any company would use these tactics to sell their product. As this page was cited in the lawsuit against me by Traffic Power, I can only conclude that they are real, otherwise Traffic Power would not have sued me for them. While these links go to a different website, which I have absolutely nothing to do with, I did post my opinions about each one below each link. I have removed these opinions, as you can see (or actually no longer see) below.




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Traffic-Power Secrets

Want to see what Traffic Power's employees allegedly use to try to sell you their services? I just received a link to what looks like 6 pages that Traffic Power employees allegedly use to, IN MY OPINION, trick people out of their money. The first page looks familiar, I think I received this when they were trying to sign me up. The next 5 pages are the, IN MY OPINION, tricks they allegedly use to get you! These pages have been scanned as .jpg's, just click on the link to see the picture, or right click on the link and do a "save as" to copy them to your computer. I have no idea how long they will be posted. I have no idea who posted them, I received an anonymous email from a hotmail account with these links. Questions? Email me at

Disclaimer: I do not know the origins of these pictures, or their veracity, all I am doing is linking to them. I personally believe they are the real thing.

Note: These images are posted on a website called ImageShack. I have absolutely nothing to do with ImageShack, and in fact had never heard of ImageShack until I received the anonymous email with the links to these pictures. ImageShack has a very clear policy, where if someone posts a picture of anything inappropriate or copyrighted, whoever is the legitimate owner of the inappropriate or copyrighted picture can fill out a simple form and the picture will be removed in 12-24 hours. If they are legitimate and copyrighted materials, I do not understand why they would still be up there over a year later.

Yet another note: I used to have commentary underneath of these links, my opinions on what the pages said. If the pages are still listed on ImageShack and you read them, you are invited to form your own opinions.