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An explanation for this page: I started finding posts on other people's websites talking about some forums that appeared a while back. These forums concerned SEO companies, and the odd thing was that every post about every SEO except for Traffic Power and 1P/First Place were negative, while the posts for Traffic Power and 1P/First Place were all positive. This seemed to be the polar opposite of all of the other forums found online at the time. The domains for these forums were registered anonymously, so there was no way to know who owned them. There were several theories posted on other people's websites as to who owned them. These forums have since disappeared, and as far as I know, no one knows who owned them.




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Websites that talk about the fake forums:

These are just a few, just do a search on Google for "Traffic Power" +fake +forum to find many more. My point is, I am not the person who found these forums. I am not the person who first posted something online about these forums. I never claimed that Traffic Power, or anyone working for Traffic Power, was responsible for these forums. Enough said.

Update # 2, 10/21:

OK, I've taken some time to do a little bit of research on this situation, and what I've found is that no one knows anything about anything when it comes to these fake forums. Here are the possibilities as I see them: (Note: These are my OPINIONs, and are SPECULATION:

Scenario 1: Traffic Power created them - IN MY OPINION, this makes the most sense, though I have no way to prove it. IT IS A FACT that the site was registered anonymously, I believe it would take a court order to find out who it belongs to. I'm involved with enough lawyers trying to get this class action suit off the ground, someone else can tackle this one. There are a lot of bad things being said about a lot of companies on these forums, I'm guessing someone could sue for slander or libel or something. But, who would they be suing?

Scenario 2: A Traffic Power supporter created them - IN MY OPINION, also very possible, maybe even someone who works for Traffic Power is doing this on their own during their spare time. This could also be a scenario that Traffic Power could bring up when everyone finds out who is responsible, IN MY OPINION, they could then claim ignorance and fire the patsy.

Scenario 3: A Traffic Power reseller created them - IN MY OPINION, another possibility, though doubtful. Someone who didn't know this was (IN MY OPINION) an unethical business practice would end up going to Traffic Power or 1P, not to a reseller, at least from what I could find on the fake forums themselves.

Scenario 4: A Traffic Power hater created them - This is, for some reason, what I have been finding online in different forums. Personally, I can't follow the logic behind this, but a lot of people are saying it. Apparently it is believed that someone who has it in for Traffic Power created the forums, so that they could come in as a "white knight" (I've seen that term on several forums) and "save the day". Again, I don't see how someone could "save the day" if they were the ones who created the fake forums in the first place. And why would anyone who didn't like Traffic Power do anything that would mislead some, IN MY OPINION, poor fool into believing that Traffic Power was the best SEO out there?

My conclusion? It is my OPINION that Scenario 1 or 2 makes the most sense, but, I could be wrong. If anyone has some answers, please feel free to email me at I'm washing my hands of this one, for the time being.

Fake Forums

Update 10/21: Seems there are a lot of accusations as to who actually set up the fake forums. SPECULATION: Possibly it was someone from Traffic Power, possibly a Traffic Power supporter, and possibly someone who doesn't like Traffic Power very much. IN MY OPINION, I don't know why anyone in their right mind would support Traffic Power, and IN MY OPINION, I don't understand why someone who is against Traffic Power would want to put something out there that would fool people into going TO Traffic Power for business. But, I don't have all the facts, I'm just posting what I've found ON OTHER PEOPLE'S WEB SITES, if anyone has any insight into this, email me at

UPDATE 10/5: Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I have an actual business to run and sometimes I get a bit busy. Just read something interesting at, about yet another new possibly unethical practice Traffic Power is allegedly doing. Seems like they are setting up a bunch of fake forums, and then they post fake stuff about how great Traffic Power and 1P (their new business name) are. Do yourself a favor and read the whole page. Thanks to whoever put the info together, it was most informative.

Note: The forums have since been taken down, but traces can be seen on the internet archive at*/

Update: I just went out to a few of these fake forums and did a little digging around. Oh my God, what a trip! Remember the old Superman comics, when they had the Bizzarro world, and everything was the opposite? This is the Bizzarro forum! You can go to just about every REAL forum online and read about each different SEO, and you'll notice most people have nice things to say about all of them except for Traffic Power. On these fake forums, everything said about all of the other SEO's is bad, but everything said about Traffic Power or 1P is GREAT! Ha! It's funny if you know what's going on, but it's sad to think that unsuspecting people are falling for this crap. I'm going to have my lawyers look into this, maybe have them post some derogatory stuff about Traffic Power and see that it never shows up. I'm guessing this will be considered some kind of fraud in the courtroom.