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Before I gave my money to Traffic Power, I did a little homework and checked them out. At that time, they had a clean record with the BBB, and I didn't notice anyone saying anything bad about them. When,
IN MY OPINION, the promises made to me were not fulfilled, I did another check on Traffic Power, and found several SEO forums where other people were complaining about the same things I was. By the time I created this website and posted it, it was, IN MY OPINION, easy to find web pages with negative content about Traffic Power. My point is, this website was not the first to say negative things about Traffic Power, and there have been numerous others since. Many of the links I have listed below have since moved or become invalid, I will try to clean them up, and list a few more.




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I know that you might think it is just me that has a grudge against Traffic Power. Unfortunately, I am just one of many out here on the internet who have, IN MY OPINION, lost money to this company. Want proof? Easy, just go to Google and do a search for "Traffic Power", you will find many other people who have been, IN MY OPINION, burned (or were, IN MY OPINION, lucky enough to know better and did a write-up to warn others). Here are just a few, and if you have a few hours you will learn a lot.

Disclaimer: I have absolutely nothing to do with the following links, they were all found with a search on Google of "Traffic Power". If you do the same search, you will probably find the same results.

One of the best sources for search engine information on the entire internet is without a doubt This site has been going strong for years, and there are hundreds of search engine optimization experts who will help anyone who needs it in the JimWorld Forums. The subject of Traffic Power has come up many times over the years, read up on what the experts have to say. According to several of them, what Traffic Power does to promote your website will actually get your website BANNED from the very search engines you are trying to get listed on! Here is the main thread, lots of information, just click HERE. For a list of other threads, just do a search for "Traffic Power", or just click HERE. (for some reason, some of the JimWorld pages take a long time to open for me with Internet Explorer, but they open right up with Netscape). Here is an excerpt from page 4: "Garris you should really email me. I have a list of sites that were pulled from Google due to Traffic Power. So far we are up to 16. A few of us are trying to organize something - not sure what yet, but I have spoken with someone at the Nevada District Attorneys Office. I was told I'd receive a refund - and that my posts on this site are being turned over to their attorney. I haven't received a refund but have disputed the charges with my cc company." The accusations go on and on. - This site is fairly new, with a lot of information. I have no idea as to what is true, check it out and make your own opinions.

SEO Chat - Another great site is called SEO Chat, and here is a nice write-up I found there, just click HERE.

SEO Book - A little something from the archives of a site called SEO Book can be found HERE. You can also find a lot of information about the recent lawsuits, HERE is a search for "Traffic Power".

HTTPTALK - Yet another view is from HTTPTALK, you can read it HERE.

I could spend hours posting these things, if you want more just go to Google (or any other search engine) and do a search for "Traffic Power" (use the quotation marks).

As you can see, there are a lot of people out there who will tell you that, in their opinion,  Traffic Power may possibly be a dishonest company. If you find a website that warns about Traffic-Power that you think should be listed on this page, please email me at

Oh yeah, here's a test: When you do a search for "Traffic Power" on Google, see how long it takes you to find a legitimate forum where someone actually says something GOOD about Traffic Power. I couldn't find one.